I have 7 years teaching experience at both the graduate and undergraduate level. 


I strive to find practical applications of the concepts to be learned, using textbooks and literature just as a starting point. My pedagogical approach has been formed during my four years teaching experience at Maastricht University, one of the world pioneers in the problem-based learning (PBL). This method is based on the principle that learning is best achieved in small groups through a process of stating problems and formulating learning goals. This process is stimulated by the instructor but self-directed by the students.


I led PBL tutorials at Maastricht University in undergraduate courses on International Economics, Microeconomics, Principle of Economics, Development Economics and Banking. Furthermore, I have coordinated and tutored a course on Innovation in Business and Economic Growth.

At Universidad de los Andes School of Management, I have adapted this approach to teach the courses "Strategic Management of Technological Innovation" (undergraduate and graduate), "Gestion de lo Publico" (Economic and Ethical Aspects of Public Goods - undergraduate), and "Business, Technology, Innovation and Diffusion" (graduate).


During my work as postdoctoral research assistant at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), I have also created and taught the graduate course Introduction to Applied Statistics, where I used much of the same pedagogic principles that I learned while teaching at Maastricht University.

I have also helped co-advising graduate students at MIT-IDSS and undergraduate students at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics.

As further proof of my commitment to achieve teaching excellence, I have completed the Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program, a MIT program that seek to share the most effective teaching methods. More information on the program can be found here.

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